some downloadable sample packs and stems that i've created! more information regarding these downloads and their permissions can be found in the provided READ ME files! have fun!

sample packs and libraries

all of the samples below are free but if you wish to support me monetarily they are available for pay-what-you-want on my Ko-fi page!

Casio SA-35 Decent Sampler instrument new

a Decent Sampler instrument of all (except one) of the base tones on the Casio SA-35 keyboard, also released by Radioshack as the Realistic Concertmate-470. i picked this keyboard up at a thrift store a couple of years ago and fell in love with it! it's super charming and nostalgic sounding. all the sounds were recorded DI using the provided headphone jack, the only processing done being some minor noise reduction to tame some noise/static.

includes 24 presets in total. audio files are mono and in WAV format (48kHz, 24 bit).

size: 205 MB

SMI-1460 electronic drum kit voices

voices from my SMI-1460 electronic drum kit that was handed down to me. included are two variations: DI through the two 1/4" jacks on the back, and through a normal IEC cassette tape with an Optimus CTR-117 cassette recorder. no processing was done other than a little EQ and normalisation.

includes 430 WAV files (44.1kHz, 16bit), 215 voices with two variations each.

size: 78.4MB

Casio CTK-480 rhythm loops

sounds produced by my Casio CTK-480, all 50 rhythms and their respective drum fills. includes 3 variations of recordings: DI, mic'd with an SM57, and through IEC high bias cassette tape.

includes 297 WAV files (48kHz, 24bit) of every loop and respective fill + different recording variations of each

size: 118MB

Casio SK-1 circuit bending

sounds achieved through taking apart a Casio SK-1, taking two alligator clips to the board, and just experimenting with random connections. real harsh and dirty stuff :)

includes 238 WAV files (48kHz, 24bit) with their contents sorted roughly into sonic categories (BASS, NOISE, GROOVES AND LOOPS, SCRAMBLE, STUTTER, BROKEN TONES)

size: 107MB


i always find it really cool and admirable when artists release their own stems, so here's all the ones i've been able, and have gotten permission to, compile!