since 2017 i've been making a great variety of music under a number of different names and aliases, each with their own styles and intentions, most of which can be found and downloaded on my bandcamp page <3

below is a more comprehensive list of all of my releases:

ongoing projects

dstbnny & co.

personal thoughts and surreal stories expressed as a scrappy, lofi love letter to bands and genres i am deeply indebted to.

all the tree tops

initially an experiment in combining the textures and time-feel of math rock and midwest emo with EDM and electronica, gleeming with a bittersweet, yearnful sentimentality.


an unabashedly frenzied and edgy breakcore-adjacent project that revels in its own absurdity. a partly tongue-in-cheek, partly sincere exploration of negative emotions and dysphoria. home to Lorna.

retired projects

crystal clouds

once my main musical outlet, crystal clouds was a dreamy, lofi, bedroom pop-ish project, swimming in cute synths, acoustic guitars and ambient textures.

we should talk again

various beats, instrumentals, and doodles mainly from 2019-2021 during a big creative rut of mine where i took a break from any big personal projects, acting as a kind of archive.


these were loud "hyperpop"-adjacent remixes of pop songs i only ever put on soundcloud from 2018-2020.