game dev

i'm currently in school studying for a computer science degree with a concentration on game development; i have some silly tiny games under my belt but i want to dedicate this page to finished or on-going projects in particular!

PILLOW BUNNY (on hiatus!)

PILLOW BUNNY is a silly, surreal, probably juvenile comedy RPG Maker game whose concepts and early development i had started around 2022.

a NEET bunny, Duster, wakes up one day to find their beloved idol body pillow stolen by none other than their good-for-nothing next-door neighbour: literal Eldritch Abomination L'aghzlnoth! and now they have to go teach that guy—er, thing?—a hard lesson, making their first friend, former angel Gabby the fairy, along the way!

work on the game had to be put on pause for various reasons but i fully intend to come back to it once the time is right—in which case this section will be updated!