some resources that i find helpful and would like to share!

music production


seaweed factory
lots of cool toy keyboards, well-known synths, and spacey impulse responses! completely free! i use these a lot, i love 'em!
studio brootle
lots of great free drum machine sounds!
goldbaby free packs
bunch of recordings of gear, synths, and drum machines!

layout and naming conventions

i use these both in tandem, though not exactly, but i think they're a good starting point!


Conventional Commits
simple and useful Git commit message convention!
A Quick and Easy Guide to tmux
super helpful guide to tmux for beginners!


the CSS methodology i use (while taking some pointers from the BEM cheat sheet!)
a great abundance of CSS information!
Guidelines for Brutalist Web Design
some guidelines that this website tries to (very loosely) follow!
Accessibility Developer Guide
valuable info on making your site more accessible!
Don’t Use Margins For Spacing Between Components...
a great article on spacing components in CSS!

some helpful guides on typography!:

file sharing/hosting

simple file transferring service! i use it mostly to pass around audio demos, large files, or anything that needs an expiration date
File Garden
no frills file hosting site! it's what i'm currently using for some images and audio on this site!
another simple file hosting site