everything i'm up to right now at a glance!

currently on break

just finished another semester of university! excited to have gotten that out of the way to work on more projects, etc. but at the moment i've just been using the time to take a bit of a breather.

working on

still working very closely on production and mixing with my good friend Mahal Slick for his upcoming EP closed eyes & open ears!

writing for my own album on the side, tentatively titled orchid rot! off of my lofi and emo-adjacent project dstbnny & co., which i've been throwing around ideas for for a while.

making sample packs of various gear i've acquired from thrift stores and etc. that i will eventually make available here and also on my kofi!

and, as always, i've been periodically updating this site! working on some pages on my shrines page among other things!