hi, i'm jp and this is my humble little corner of the web! here you'll find all of my creative work such as: music, game dev, audio commissions, and more, as well anything else i feel like!

feel free to sign my guestbook if you want to share any thoughts! or check out my blog if you want to read any of mine! if you're somehow interested in ramblings about my personal interests you can visit my shrines!

and if you just want to get out of here, maybe check out some other sites that i think are neat!

this site gets updated somewhat regularly, so if anything seems broken, especially if you've visited before, try refreshing the page and/or clearing your cache, otherwise you can just message me about it!

hope you enjoy your stay!

what's new?

latest downloadables

new sample pack available now: SMI-1460 electronic drum kit voices! all 215 sounds from my hand-me-down e-kit! comes in two variations: recorded DI and through cassette tape! (the tape variations are super dirty >:3c)

latest site additions

the dstbnnysite now has an Atom/RSS feed! you can find it in the site footer (or here)! i'll be posting blog posts, shrine updates, and other major site additions there if you're interested in getting notified!

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latest music release

intrusyve thotz the debut album off my new project DREAM DISPHORIA! is out now!

album art

for those who like breakcore/jungle-adjacent music—and don't mind a healthy dose of edge to go along with it ;)