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hi, you can call me jp!

i'm a chronically online rabbit, self-taught multi-genre musician and producer, ADHD-haver, and game developer with amniotic band syndrome! i'm always pursuing a variety of creative endeavours!

a "jack of all trades" or "interdisciplinary artist" or whatever, i've always had a great appreciation for many kinds of art in many kinds of mediums as well as a love for learning and creating. you may see many projects with disparate tones and styles, often consecutively, but no matter what, my goal is always to be honest in my art, while not taking myself too seriously—because art should be fun after all ;) i hope you enjoy your stay!

you can head over to my /now page to see generally what i've been up to! or, if you're interested in what i use to work and create and check the /uses page!

online you can find me here:

and for any inquiries you can send me an email at: dustbunny.bedroom@gmail.com.

the website

i created this site initially as a simple hub for all of my projects and commission information kind of like a glorified carrd or linktree, but over time it's shifted to being a very personal creative outlet for me, partly out of a growing frustration with social media and the modern centralised internet as a whole as well as the discovery of the Web Revival and other adjacent terms/movements. now i think it's as much of a creative project in and of itself.

this site is roughly following the principles of brutalist web design (though, i tend to play it loose when it comes to decoration because i just can't help myself!) and i try to keep the site WCAG-AA compliant. i can't verify whether it's fully conformant or not so i won't claim it to be but i do strive to keep accessibility in mind no matter what creative flourishes i feel like adding! so if you have any issues in regards to accessibility please feel free to message me about it!

this site was coded by hand using Neovim, proudly hosted on Neocities, and deployed with deploy-to-neocities. i use the BEM CSS methodology as well as Sass for styling.

you can find the source code for this site here (it's nothing special though, trust me lol).

I am a nightmare